Invite God Into Your Day

Does it seem like you’re always busy? Too busy to make room for prayer, Bible reading, devotional time? This is a common theme among many Christian adults. We want to be closer to God, to know Him personally and be used by Him, but some days it seems nearly impossible find time to talk to God or open His Word.  I’d like to share with you some practical ways to invite God into your day.

While Waiting

  • In the Parent Pickup line at school
  • In the Doctor’s waiting room
  • In the fast-food Drive-thru
  • At a child’s sports practice or music lessons
  • Waiting for a friend/spouse in a restaurant
  • Getting a manipedi or haircut

Read a portion of scripture or a devotional on your phone. Here are some great Bible apps.

Keep a prayer list in your purse/wallet and pray for those requests.

Pray for your child’s teacher, the doctor you’re waiting for, the Drive-thru employee, your child’s coach, the waitperson in the restaurant, or the nail tech in the salon.

Listen to praise/worship music (using earbuds if in public). If you have a music streaming service, you can just search “worship” and you’ll see many playlist options. Close your eyes if you can and really tune in to the lyrics.

While Doing Mundane Tasks

  • Folding laundry or washing dishes
  • Cleaning house
  • Exercising on a treadmill/elliptical
  • Taking the dog for a walk

Listen to an audio Bible (several options here) or praise/worship music.

Write bible verses on index cards and keep them in strategic places to read over and memorize as you go through your daily activities.  Bringing God into your everyday tasks in this way feeds your soul in wonderful ways.

More Ways

  • While dressing or feeding your baby (or grandbaby) thank God for the child and pray for their salvation, mate, and future.
  • While caring for an ailing parent or friend, pray for healing and comfort for them.
  • When hearing from a friend or loved one through a text, email, or card/letter, stop right then if you can and ask God to bless them.
  • When you receive the weekly email from your place of worship, pray for the pastor and staff.

Life keeps moving. Even if you’re retired or an empty nester, the days can be very full. If you’re planning to find the perfect private spot with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, a pretty journal and worship music playing lightly in the background, you may be scrolling through too many Instagram highlights. If you are fortunate enough to have that kind of environment, good for you! For the rest of us, we can use some of the practical ways to invite God into your day when there isn’t extended time to be alone with Him.

On the days that you can, begin the morning with a time of solitude with the Lord, praying and reading His Word. The surroundings aren’t important. He blesses your desire and effort to spend time with Him and know Him more intimately. He longs to spend time with you, too!

so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,    Colossians 1:10

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